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Project Service
In addition to providing cutting-edge technology and technical solutions, customer service is a very important task to YOLONG.
YOLONG engineers and technicians have gained a wealth of experience and expertise in the world's myriad of projects.
They ensure the smooth implementation of the project, provide direction, and meet deadlines.
Project Management
YOLONG project manager has more experience, they will immediately contact with customers and coordination, monitoring and care for the project, so that customers can do other things at ease in the planning and construction.

Project Financing Solutions
YOLONG supportS for the customers in the planning from the beginning to build a beer bar.
This also includes - if required to provide assistance to finance projects.

Field Services
YOLONG can set up the installation site supervision and construction installation until commissioning.
YOLONG technical personnel and engineers are in control of everything.
With the implementation and supervision of the installation, they have maintained a close attention in the project schedule.

In order to ensure the goods within the stipulated time arrived at the installation site, YOLONG commissioned Alibaba logistics system bear the transportation and place, all over the world is just around the corner.
In addition to ensuring timely and safe transportation, YOLONG ensures that shipping costs remain within reasonable limits.


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