How to Classify the Brewery Equipment?


How to Classify the Brewery Equipment?

2016-07-23 15:51 141 Shaw

How to Classify the Brewery Equipment?

There are a variety of brewery equipment, and classification is also a lot, we summed up all the beer equipment on the market roughly have following categories.

According to the different use of beer equipment, including catering equipment beer, domestic beer equipment, small-scale beer brewing equipment and factories brewing equipment.

According to the different brewing process of beer brewing process, including beer brewing equipment at room temperature and low temperature brewing beer equipment.

According to the size of the output is also divided into small beer equipment, medium-sized beer equipment and large beer equipment.

Small 40L brewing equipment, including 4 fermenters, brewing period is 4 days, which can be used directly on the bar, the diameter is 300 mm, 820 mm high. Suitable for domestic beer equipment and special equipment for bar.

Medium-sized brewery equipment: 200-500 litres equipment, including four fermentation tanks, brewing a period of four days, which Nissan 300 litres of silver white workshop equipment including four fermentation tanks, each diameter is 600 mm and 1.7 metres high, each effective capacity is 300 liters. Suitable for large entertainment and small factories.

Large scale beer equipment, the capacity is more than 1000 liters per day. Brewing period is 4 days, Nissan 1 tons of workshop equipment, including 4 working capacity of 1 tons fermentation tank


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