The Maintenance Of Steam Boiler


The Maintenance Of Steam Boiler

2017-06-20 17:28 111 Vinson
The Maintenance Of Steam Boiler

A complete set of beer equipment need to be taken care and maintained. Some foreign beer companys often have 2 months to maintain and repair equipment every year.

About the maintenance of steam boiler

1. The water of steam boiler must be softened water treated standard water. maintenance of boilers must be cut off power supply, must make pressure relief.

2. Steam boiler must be discharged every day to ensure that water is cleanliness in the boiler.

3. Regularly check the transmission line, water pump, control box, pressure switch box, safety valve and other key components of the operation, abnormal occurrence, timely find reasons, timely overhaul.

4. In order to ensure the efficiency and service life of the boiler, the boiler is cleaned once half a year or one year.

5. Keep the water level clean  all times. In order to make sure the water level is clear, washing it every day.

6.The safety valve should be moved once time every day, in case the rust fails.

7.When the boiler stops working for a long time, the power supply shall be cut off, and the water in the boiler and the pipe will be put clean to prevent freezing and rusting.

8.Fasten the connecting screw on the heating tube regularly and the nut on the flange

9.The heating pipe is easy to scale in the steam boiler, especially the water quality is hard, and it is easy to scale. We Should remove the heating tube around six months, remove the scale once. reinstall heating tube, pay attention to the restoration of the line, Fasten the screws on the flange, repeatedly tightened, so as to avoid leakage.

10. When the steam boiler is not working, please Cut off the power supply and open the control box, all of the electrical leakage circuit breaker, contactor connection check nut, loose should be tightened to prevent bad contact fire burnt wires and electric appliances.

11. The electric control box shall not be flooded with water or steam and flammable and explosive gas. When the boiler is running, the door of the electric control box is closed.

12. Salt water softening tank should be added to a purity of at least 99.5% crystalline salt, prohibited the use of fine salt; ensure the coarse crystalline precipitation.

13. The water temperature of the softening equipment is between 5 and 45 degrees centigrade, and the water pressure is within the range of 0.15 to 0.6Mpa.Regular use of softening equipment, set custom water for 10 square meters, backwash 10min; salt absorption, slow washing 60min, salt box replenishment 5min; wash 10min; normal use of water.


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