Tips of Brewing Beers


Tips of Brewing Beers

2016-07-31 20:09 191 Shaw

Tips of Brewing Beers

With the continuous improvement of people's requirement on the life quality, the hotel beer equipment is popular with a rising number of people, how much do you know the brewery equipment? In order to better understand the hotel brewery equipment, then Yolong solve the problems that should be paid attention to in the brewing process with brewery equipment.

The variety and quality of malt, good solubility of malt, not only have the high enzyme content but endosperm cell wall is completely decomposed. Grinding degree, if coarse too much, raw material is not easy to absorb water, also relatively small surface area, which is not conducive to the enzyme's role. Decomposition is not completely.

Brewery equipment has the advantages of simple process, easy operation, brewing at room temperature. The brewing cycle is short, long shelf life, nutritious, fresh: normal temperature brewing process to produce beer is a pure nutrition type fresh beer, without filtration and high temperature sterilization, and beer retains the unique flavor and nutritional composition.Brewing cycle only 4--6 days, the shelf life of the beer can be up to 3-6 months. Room temperature preservation: the basic difference between the normal temperature brewing process and low temperature brewing process is that don’t need have a process of grain malt,gelatinization, mashing, boiling, lauter, whirlpool, because the beer raw materials used for the processing of the "malt juice", it can be directly mixed with water fermentation, and also needn’t low temperature operation, all the brewing process at room temperature, and can make good beer for room temperature storage.

Brewing equipment is now widely used in many hotels and other places, the emergence of the hotel brewery equipment, so that we can enjoy a more fresh beer, which has been welcomed by everyone.


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