About the Maintenance of Steam BoilerⅡ


About the Maintenance of Steam BoilerⅡ

2016-04-11 13:43 140 Carrie
About the Maintenance of Steam BoilerⅡ

10. The heating pipe fouling in a steam boiler, especially the water hardness more easy scaling. Six months should remove a removal of scale heating pipe. Re install the heating tube, pay attention to connection restoration, screw fastening flange, repeatedly tightened to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of Water Leakage.

11. The boiler when not in use, should cut off the power supply, open the control box, check all electrical leakage circuit breaker and contactor in the connection nut, loose should be tightened to prevent bad contact ignition burning wires and electric appliances.

12. The electric control box is not allowed to enter the water or the steam, as well as the inflammable and explosive gas, and the electric control box door is closed during the operation of the boiler.

13. Softening water and salt water tank internal with a purity of at least 99.5% of the crystalline salt, it is strictly prohibited to use fine salt; ensure the coarse crystalline salting out.

14. Softening equipment used in the water temperature of 5 to 45 degrees Celsius, water pressure in the range of 0.15 to 0.6Mpa.
Often use softening equipment, custom content is set to 10 square metres, backwashing 10min; salt absorption slow wash 60min, salt box replenishment 5min; washing 10min; normal use of water.


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