Classic Type Craft Beer


Classic Type Craft Beer

2015-08-05 10:13 155 Amy

YOLONG beer brewing equipment could brewery different craft beer. Such as follow:

Simbach Baotu Spring Style
Original wort concentration:13.5 ~ P, Alcohol content: 5.3%VOL
It adopts four characteristics malts, collocation of special hops, through traditional lager yeast fermentation. 
The beer is with red brown color, mellow taste.  You could feel the prominent hop bitter and special malt aroma.

Original wort concentration: 12.0 ~P, Alcohol content: 5.0%VOL
It is a kind of sweet and refreshing beer, basing on barley malt and matching with a number of Munich malt, adopting cascarilla hops and bottom yeast.
The beer is clear, the taste is sweet and the foam is fine and long lasting, and a touch of bitterness makes you feel fresh and refreshing.

Simbach Wheat Beer
Original wort concentration: 11.6 ~ P, Alcohol content: 4.8%VOL
Simbach Wheat Beer adopts high quality Pearson malt and wheat malt, accompanying with Kamal Road hop, brewing by classical wheat brewers yeast.
The beer is light yellow, with texture coordinate, mellow taste and long aftertaste, having typical top yeast ester aroma and fruit aromas, with delicate white foam.

Simbach German Rugby Back Beer
Original wort concentration: 12.5P, Alcohol content: 5.1VOL
Using traditional Munich malt and Plzen malt, matching with crystal, dark coke and other special species, adorning with Czech szaz hops, passing bottom yeast fermented with hundreds of years and low temperature storage.
The color of beer is just coffee and the beer is endowed with rich texture and sweet taste, giving you an obvious malt aroma and burnt-sweet smell.

For above beer could be brewery by our beer equipment.
YoLong  beer brewing equipment could let you make the most delicious craft beer. 


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