How to Maintain Your Favorite Beer Equipment


How to Maintain Your Favorite Beer Equipment

2016-04-30 11:30 129 Amy

How to Maintain Your Favorite Beer Equipment

A complete set of beer equipment like people need care and maintenance, often abroad every year that has 2 months to careful maintenance and repair equipment.
Fine brewing beer equipment use note: although not much, but very practical!
1. The use of Cl- containing detergent or disinfectant to clean the decive is strictly prohibited.
2. When equipment doesn’t use for a long time, please clean the device completely before it was stopped, after the water is gone, closed the valve. If the equipment have a long time no use and before it re-hired, please send the equipment thorough cleaning, cleaning can be repeated several times.
3. If there is a long-term operation of heat exchanger or long time no use, you should open to clean, do not use a wire brush. And ban benting, twisting, stamping, extrusion for heat exchanger plate, the aging of sealing gaskets must be timely replaced.
4. Equipment have to check regularly, such as pump wiring and grounding, to ensure that the wiring is correct. 
5. Check the pipeline regularly, if it is found that leakage, should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.
6. Check whether there is a leakage and leakage of heat exchanger, or the liquid leakage phenomenon. If there are, you should repair it immediately.
7. Mash equipment should be timely to wash with water clean after using, and mash pipe, plate type heat exchanger and wort pipeline also need to clean.


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