How to Select Brew Beer Equipme


How to Select Brew Beer Equipme

2016-04-18 18:54 113 Amy
How to Select Brew Beer Equipment

The beer equipment and price of market is varied, but in such a situation if you choose a suitable for your own and price super high quality equipment, it mainly about the several aspects.
1. Pay attention to the material of equipment, and this is very important, beer equipment in market has a large gap. Small manufacturers in order to get the order, continue to lower prices, and equipment material also change and the impacts of the equipment life is short, but also damage to brewed wine quality, therefore, we must pay attention to the material of beer equipment.
2. Equipment control system. A set of equipment control system, similar to the human brain, this is also very important. Pure manual and fully automatic equipment, the price can be doubled. In Germany, the value of a set of equipment is 1 million yuan, the control system can stand to 600 thousand yuan. So, it is enough to see the importance of a set of control system.
3. The last point is to look at the equipment supplier's service, because we not only buy the product, but also the service. If there are problems in the operation of the equipment, it can be solved in time for us with a high efficient after-sales service team. If the service is not in time, the loss of the customer is immeasurable.


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