The Classification of The Bottled Beer Equipment Filling Line


The Classification of The Bottled Beer Equipment Filling Line

2016-04-21 18:40 103 Carrie
The Classification of The Bottled Beer Equipment Filling Line

1.  Basic drum line.
The basic line includes a barrel, barrel, barrel dial cleaning filling machine, conveyor equipment etc.. The filling process is the use of manual cleaning and recycling, the outer surface of the barrel of beer, will empty barrels upside down on the conveyor, retaining barrel device will automatically barrel one by one release, dial the barrel device will be beer barrel shifter into the barrel cleaning and filling machine will begin automatically barrel cleaning, sterilization, filling and other processes, and beer barrels filled with descendants of the barrel is taken from the conveyor and artificial weighing, after passing the factory. This is a semi automated production line, there are a lot of work need to be done manually.

2. The standard of bottled line.
Standard of bottled line in addition to the basic barreled line to the equipment, an increase of outer barrel cleaning machine, weighing device, slide rail and buffer table. Compared with the basic filling line, automatic external cleaning of barrel of beer, to drink the beer barrel automatic weighing, automatic display weight and automatic excised for shortage in weight of the beer barrel.

3. Automatic barreled line.
Automatic barreled line only need with a forklift with empty beer kegs of tray into the unloading stacking machine, will be equipped with a bucketful of tray to be removed from the stack unloader on, other process is fully automatic. A complete automatic barreled filling line include: unloading stacking machine, conveying unit, uncovering the cover, outer barrel washing machine, turning machine, pre cleaning machine, cleaning barrel filling machine, weighing, overturning machine, an upper cover machine and instantaneous sterilization device etc.. This filling line is fully automated production, to a large extent, improve work efficiency.


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