Mixing tank characteristics


Mixing tank characteristics

2015-11-19 21:17 108 Amy
Mixing tank characteristics

Mixing tank ideographic is the material for stirring, mixing, blending, homogenizing etc., stainless steel mixing tank standardization and humanization according to the production process requirements of structural design and configuration. The mixing tank can be realized in the process of mixing, feeding control, feeding control, stirring control and other manual automatic control. Mixing structure of the tank stirred tank by stirring tank, mixing tank cover, a stirrer, a bearing, a driving device, seal device etc., but also can be equipped with heating device and cooling device according to the technological requirement.

The stirring tank, mixing tank cover, a stirrer, seal, such as selection of material according to different process requirements of the selected carbon steel or stainless steel material to make.
The mixing tank and the tank cover can be sealed by a flange connection or welding connection. Mixing tank and stirred tank lid according to process requirements entered the materials, the materials, observing, temperature, pressure, steam distillation, safety vent and process pipe hole.
A driving device is arranged on the upper part of the mixing tank cover (motor or reducer), and the agitator is driven by the drive shaft.


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