Beverage extraction system Advantage


Beverage extraction system Advantage

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Beverage  extraction system
Beverage  extraction system Introduction

1.with tangential circulation function, make the liquid in the tank been heated more evenly.

2.With a vacuum system, can assist the fluid outlet and recycling of organic solvent.

3. Able to be with the function of PAT, or provide appropriate interfaces to realize online monitoring extracting state.

4.With external heating function, applicable for the product that need rapid heating.

5.Automatic processing, the data can be remote transmission convenient for management personnel to grasp the production status in time.

6.With formal storage, convenient for the technological personnel management of the production process.

7.Operation hierarchical management, effective control of the security and reliability of the production process

Beverage extraction system Advantage

1. Using inverted-cone design, first is conductive to the residue discharge, and will not appear bridging phenomenon, without any auxiliary personnel; another advantage is material extraction process in favor of tumbling, making extraction more uniform.

2. Bottom area increased, increasing the filtration area and reduce the liquid circulation and the chance of clogging of the process.

3. Segmented controlled heating, can effectively prevent bumps;and increase the flexibility of heating amount to prevent sticking to the wall of the upper griddle

4. Bottom with a heating device, just open the bottom heating during boiling process, effectively prevent explosive boiling and save energy.


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