Concentrator set for beverage product line


Concentrator set for beverage product line

2015-06-29 17:09 155 yolong
Concentrator set for beverage product line

The unique design of plate evaporate and condenser has a higher thermal efficiency than traditional tube shell type equipment, the heat exchanging area is greatly reduced, which make the plate evaporate and condenser much more economically. Meanwhile it can be flexibly configurated with special materials(including acid, alkali, or high corrosive components), such as 1.4301, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4539, 2.4819, SM0254, titanium, nickle and etc.

Concentration measuring instruments eature: 

1.Save space   its structure is more compact and diversity, which can greatly save the transportation and installation costs.

2.Easy to expansion  just plate number to meet the changing needs, just simply increase or tear down some plates, while maintaining the existing framework.this is a very big advantage compared with the tube shell type.

3.Easy to maintain   plate structure means that the heat exchanging surface is easy to check and convenient disassemble and cleaning, just pull down the bolt, relax the pressure plate. Special corrugated form ensures the high intensity of turbulence on the whole plate. It is not only to reduce scale formation, and makes the use of chemical cleaning to be effective. In addition, compared with the tube shell type of device, due to its flow speed so fast and retention volume so less that reducing the possibility of scale formation, little cleaner can finish the clean.

4.Improve the quality of products evaporator is adopted the way of forced circulation and ascend film evaporation, so that the material in it can be quickly cycled. The products stay in evaporator shortly, which is a great advantage for heat sensitive products. And products won’t boil in the evaporator. The liquid only is heated, and it will be steamed when it comes into separator in order to increase the dirty.

5.Save energy  the single structure takes advantage of latent heat of steam condensate heat. Generally steam rate can reach to 0.8-0.9. The double increases again re-compression system to higher the efficiency. The rate is about 2.5-3.

6.High system stability   system allows rapid start and shut down and easy to get balance after staring. The system will automatically adjust the parameter, vacuum degree , temperature and other data. When it finished the running, system will open CIP, saving energy, operating conveniently.


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