Water treatment plant for industrial


Water treatment plant for industrial

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Water treatment plant for industrial
I. Water treatment plant for industrial  intruduction
Generally, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment consists of raw water pretreatment system, reverse osmosis purification system consists of ultra purification after treatment systems. The purpose of pretreatment is to make raw water meet the water requirements of reverse osmosis membrane module, ensure the stable operation of the reverse osmosis purification system. Reverse osmosis membrane system removes more than 98% ions, organics and 100% of microorganisms in raw water (in theory) It is the most cost-effective method for purification. Ultra-purification system removes the remaining impurities t of reverse osmosis water treatment such as ions, organic matter and others to meet the requirements of the final water quality indicators for different purposes.
According to the raw water quality report and the output water quality requirement of the CUSTOMER,YOLONG can provide you a full range of configuration about purified water equipment.
II. Water treatment plant for industrial Characteristic:
1.Double softener can achieve series or parallel connection by using the valve groop and generation alternatively.Each softener has 100% water supply capacity. 
2.The whole process of softener's running,back wash,brine,regeneration and washing can all be controlled by automatic program. 
3.System terminal water production using a dual supply mode.And there will be no stagnant water exist. 
4.Using the middle water storage tank as the buffer tank to realize cleaning on-line,no need the separate cleaning system. 
5.Making stainless steel tube derectly tensible bending in the pipeline as far as possible ,avoid welding. 
6.Using the arc to protect the automatic welding track to ensure the welding quality. 
7.PLC Control system can provide a variety of mode of communication,and also can provide control system comply with 21CFR PART11.Automatic control system can meet the equirement of GMPA5.



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