YoLong Stainless steel liquid mixing tank


YoLong Stainless steel liquid mixing tank

2016-03-31 18:53 121 Amy
YoLong Stainless steel liquid mixing tank

I. Standard Filling
  1. Quick open type manhole
  2. Numeral indication type temperature meter
  3. T type cleaning head
  4. Hauling lever type releasing valve
  5. Adjustable cone branch feet
  6. Agitator

II.Our stainless steel tanks almost never need costly maintenance such as repainting and our interior coatings provide superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion. We have a proven track record for building industrial tanks of all kinds

III.Advantages of our stainless steel tanks.
• Cost Effective: With real life cycle savings
• Speed of assembly: Less construction time compared to competitive tanks.
• Very Low Maintenance: Best of all, their performance is dependable, with minimal maintenance costs, and associated down time. 


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Mixing Tank

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