Stainless steel agitator food grade liquid mixing tank


Stainless steel agitator food grade liquid mixing tank

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Stainless steel agitator food grade liquid mixing tank
I.Mixing tank introduction:      
It is used to stir and store after milk, sugar, beverages, food and a variety of drugs and other elements have been mixed. It plays a important role in producing dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical manufacturers.      
II. Mixing tank Characteristic:      
1.The tanks we produce are vertical and horizontal, volume: from 100L to 5000000L.
2.Tank material is generally SUS304 stainless steel for the inner surface passvation and polishing, the surface roughness up Ra0.4μm.
3.Tank can accompanied with mixer, liquid level indicator, temperature indicator, sterile breathing mouth, CIP automatic cleaning device, quick opening manhole etc and with quick access to the structure of liquid inlet and steam sterilization mouth.
4. Motor reducer selected international brands, it also can be added frequency control of motor speed.
5.Automatic welding argon inside and outside. Welded pipe joints and equipment cylinder ensure the welding quality.
6.All nozzle connections are used to connect Sanitary quick, easy to connect with CIP, SIP system. 

 III. Mixing tank specification:

Model YM100 YM300 YM500 YM800 YM1000 YM2000 YM5000
Capacity (L) 100 300 500 800 1000 2000 5000
Material SS 304
Stirring speed 0-80RPM ( Special to the material )
Use pressure ATM Mpa
Component Ellipsoidal head
Thermal head
Inner cylinder
Insulation cylinder 
Mixing system 
Electrical machine
Electrical heating tube
Rotary cleaning ball


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